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Hieroglyphic Divider

Mrs. T. E. C. Peacock
White Widowed Female
Date and Time of death:
3 Nov 1939 11:00 a.m.
Age at death: 89yrs,
Place of death: Stewart,
Choctaw Co.,MS.
Residence Before Death
Rural, Stewart,
Choctaw Co, MS
Date of birth:18 Nov 1849
Birthplace: Alabama Usual
occupation: House duties
Husband: Joe Peacock
Fathers name:
Mothers name:
Cause of death: Myocarditis
Buried: 4 Nov 1939,
Wood Springs
Undertaker: GT. Lee for
Lee Funeral Home, Winona, MS

Doctor at death:
E. Fox He attended
the deceased from
10-15-1939 to 11-3-1939
Informant: Dau Peacock

Hieroglyphic Divider

Barnabas PEACOCk71/M
Farmer Wayne Cty, NC
Patience Peacock 65/F Wayne Cty,
Curtis PEACOCK 42/M/ Laborer
Nancy Peacock42/F/
P. A. Peacock 18/F Student
F. C. Peacock 14/ F Student
L. T. Peacock 9/F Student
Lucinda Peacock 6/F
Wm. Peacock 3/M
Tenant Frmr Wayne Cty
Peter Peacock 25/M/             

Hieroglyphic Divider

Peacock Levi &  Winter Susannah 
Aug. 24 1845 NC

Peacock William & Smith Margaret
Feb 13 1855 NC
Peacock Willia& Tysinger Macey
June 16 1866 NC
Peacock W J &Snider Rachael E 
July 10 1878 NC
Atkinson, Rich & Peacock, Jane        
10 Oct 1854  P.J Peacock's NC
Bradbury, Solomon & Peacock, Patience
16 Nov 1854 Sarah Peacock'sNC
Peacock, Peter& Bass, Sally
5 Apr 1853 Near Drew Barnes NC
Peacock, Zadoc M.L. &  Hooks, Angeline
21 Dec 1852  Raiford Hooks'NC

B.G.Barnes to Zilphia A. Peacock on 30 June 1867 Parents of Groom: Drew Barnes and Patience Barnes Parents of Bride: Jesse Peacock and Martha Peacock Place of Marriage: B.G.Barnes Married by: West Holland, J.P.

Wallace Wooten to Rena Howell on 1 August 1867 Parents of Groom: George Isler and Kate Isler Parents of Bride: Luke Howell and Milly Peacock Place of Marriage: Milly Peacock Married by: W.A.I. Peacock, J.P.

Daniel Sasser to Jinnie Yelverton on 5 October 1867 Parents of Groom: Frank Sasser and Hagar Sasser Parents of Bride: Levi Peacock and Hanner Peacock Place of Marriage: James Married by: W.A.

H. Farrington to Mary Peacock on 12 March 1868 Parents of Bride: Unnamed and Lilia Peacock Place of Marriage: J.T. Edgerton Married by: J.T. Edgerton

Calvin Peacock & ElieYelverton on 31 January 1869 Parents of Groom: Luke Atkinson and Millie Peacock Parents of Bride: Jonas Howell and Abbi Yelverton Married by: E. H. Holland, J.P.

Charlie Freeman to Bettie Peacock on 27 December 1871 Parents of Bride: Isaac Peacock and Lucinda Peacock Married by: A.B. Williams, M.G.

Charles John &Peacock Elvy Dec. 11 1806

Peacock Amos & Hill, Margaret 11 Nov 1813

Peacock Asea & Rich Diner 25 Jul 1812

Peacock, Asea &Wadkins Leaney 7 Aug 1811

Peacock William& Hill Polly 14 Jan 1808


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Peacock, Eley 1882  Simpson MS
Peacock, George A.1883
Hattiesburg MS
Peacock, Charles 1874 Warren                               
Peacock, Aquilla Judson 1895 Forrest MS
Peacock, Taylor Jones 1874 Simpson MS
Peacock, Ben F 1886
Tomnolen MS    
Peacock, Ben F 1886  Stewart MS
Peacock, Charlie C 1883 Tomnolen     
Peacock, George W  1897
he&dad b. Choctaw Co. MS     
Peacock, John W 1872 Stewart MS
Peacock, Thomas D 1881 Choctaw MS
Peacock, Thomas J Stewart Ms
Peacock, Ira 1899  Webster    
Peacock, Charley 1883  Grenada MS
Peacock, Clifton L 1887 Montgomery  MS
Peacock, George H. 1875  Grenada MS
Peacock, Lanier  1883 Grenada  MS
Peacock, Lawrence 1886  Grenada MS
Peacock, Eley 1882  Simpson MS
Peacock, Frank  Braxton MS 
Peacock, German 1877 Simpson MS
Peacock, Julius E 1890  Simpson MS
Peacock, Lonnie J. 1891 Simpson MS
Peacock, Vernon  1897  Simpson  MS
Peacock, Vernon 1897 SimpsonMS
Peacock, Joe 1885                                    
Peacock, Daniel W 1879 Harrison MS
Peacock, William T 1877 New Orleans LA
Peacock, George Hilburn 1892
Dothan AL  Franklin MS
w/o P.L. Peacock,
b. 1809NC d. 1880NC
Harriett C. Hadley
w/o A.J. Peacock
b. 1842 d.1903NC
A.J. Peacock
b. 1831 d.1919NC
Peacock Maude H.
w/o H.L. Bizzell
b. 1877 d. 1921NC
Peacock Marrie R
w/o W.L. Peacock
b.1886NC d.1963NC
Walter Lee Peacock,
b.1881 d.1946NC
Amie Peacock
b.1863, d 1937NC
O.B. Peacock
b.1901, d.1923NC
Mattie B Peacock
b.1863, d. 1930NC

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